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Triumph and Tail Wags: 7 Michigan Pups Earn Their Canine Good Citizen Stripes in October 2023

By Essential IT

In the crisp October air of 2023, Michigan Dog Training (MDT) in Plymouth witnessed a canine spectacle, as seven remarkable dogs underwent a transformative journey, emerging as certified Canine Good Citizens. Under the watchful eye of the distinguished Michael Burkey, owner and dog behaviorist at MDT, these furry graduates showcased their obedience and social prowess, earning a coveted title that speaks volumes about their training and temperament.

Unleashing Good Citizenship

To attain the esteemed Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title, these dogs had to pass a rigorous evaluation, demonstrating a remarkable array of skills. From accepting friendly strangers and maintaining a polite demeanor during petting to navigating crowded spaces without a sniffing or jumping frenzy, these dogs showcased their impeccable manners. Michael Burkey, with his keen eye and years of expertise, observed each dog as they gracefully executed commands, proving that good citizenship is not exclusive to the two-legged members of society.

Wagging Tails and Well-Groomed Coats

The journey to becoming a Canine Good Citizen is not just about following commands. It’s about embodying a holistic approach to canine behavior. Well-groomed coats were not just a nod to aesthetics but a testament to the commitment of both the dogs and their devoted owners. The attention to detail, from loose leash walking to calm reactions to distractions, highlighted the dedication of these dog teams to the principles of good citizenship.

Meet the Stars

Let’s raise our metaphorical doggy biscuits to the stars of the show – the newly anointed Canine Good Citizen dog teams:

1. Persephone: German Shepherd Dog with Joelle Emery of Ypsilanti, Michigan

2. Toby: German Shepherd Dog with Thomas Summers of Canton, Michigan

3. Sheldon: Pembrook Corgi with Robert Hyde II of Livonia, Michigan

4. Cheese: Mixed breed with Stephanie Pease and Jason Mullins of Plymouth, Michigan

5. Zoey: Mixed breed with Adam and Lauren Kulaszewski of Wyandotte, Michigan

6. Hank: Golden Retriever with Tyler Fosdick of Livonia, Michigan

7. Jasper: English Cream Golden Retriever with Diane Witkowski of South Rockwood, Michigan

What’s Next?

These seven stellar dog teams are not resting on their laurels. Their newfound titles have unlocked the gateway to Michigan Dog Training’s Advanced Canine Good Citizen class, held right in Plymouth. For those aspiring to cultivate good citizenship in their furry companions, the path is clear-visit the MDT website at and explore the possibilities.

In the heart of Michigan, a canine revolution is underway, one polite paw at a time. Congratulations to the graduates, and may their tails wag proudly as they embark on the next chapter of their well-mannered adventures!


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