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Heather Fay and Anastasia Unleash a Spectacle of Canine Brilliance: Attaining the AKC Intermediate Trick Dog Title!

On November 18, 2023, Heather Fay and her four-legged prodigy, Anastasia, a Doberman Pinscher, have proudly secured their place in the illustrious roster of American Kennel Club (AKC) Intermediate Trick Dog Title holders. In a captivating display of skill and coordination, Heather and Anastasia left an indelible mark on the world of canine achievements.

In a testament to the evolving landscape of dog evaluations, AKC embraced modernity by allowing remote assessments. Renowned evaluator Michael Burkey, known for his discerning eye, remotely scrutinized the duo’s performance via video submission. Heather meticulously curated a reel showcasing Anastasia’s prowess in executing ten intermediate level tricks, a mandatory feat among the impressive repertoire of 34 tricks acknowledged by the AKC. This triumph follows their earlier conquest of the Novice Trick Dog title, setting the stage for a journey of continuous canine excellence.

Anastasia’s repertoire of tricks reads like a symphony of canine brilliance, including the show-stopping “Catch a toy,” the precision of “Fetch it” at a staggering 20 feet, and the intellectual engagement of “Manipulate an interactive canine game.” The duo seamlessly navigated through challenges such as “Go find her owner” and “Go to place from 10 feet away,” demonstrating an unspoken bond forged through training and trust.

The artistry continued with Anastasia’s ability to respond flawlessly to hand signals for essential commands like sit, down, come, and stand. The dynamic duo showcased their synchronized finesse in “Heel,” executed with an automatic sit at the handler’s command, a testament to their precision and unity. Opening doors, gracefully placing paws on the handler’s arm, and navigating through weave poles showcased Anastasia’s versatility and agility.

As the curtain falls on their Intermediate Trick Dog triumph, Heather and Anastasia set their sights on the coveted Advanced Trick Dog Title, a new horizon that beckons with more challenges and opportunities for showcasing their extraordinary bond. For enthusiasts eager to delve into the intricacies of trick dog training.

The AKC’s official guidelines provide a comprehensive roadmap at https://www.akc.org/sports/trick-dog/. When you’re ready to be evaluated, contact AKC Evaluator, Michael Burkey at https://michigandogtraining.com or text him at 734-389-7354.


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