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Service Dog Training

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Most people cannot afford to purchase a fully trained service dog and you might already have a dog that may be a good candidate to be a Service Dog. Therefore, we offer two options of Service Dog Training:  8 week Board and Train or a 20 lesson Train Your Own Service Dog program. Both programs include public access obedience and service task training, training equipment and Service Dog Certificate upon completion.

8 week Board and Train: Service Dogs for Mobility, PTSD, and Hearing Alert

Train Your Own Service Dog:  Service Dogs for Mobility, PTSD, Hearing, and Diabetic Alert.

If your dog cuts the grade and you want to learn how to train your own service dog, we will help you do that. A mixture of private and group classes will occur at the MDT facility as well as at public access locations (restaurants, shopping malls , etc.). The five month training program includes weekly training sessions and many bonuses such as:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly private & group training sessions (20 sessions)
  • Public access obedience training
  • Service Dog specific skills
  • Training Equipment
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC) testing
  • Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA) testing
  • Urban Canine Good Citizen testing

Dogs must be five months or older, be friendly toward other dogs and people, be well socialized and confident in new environments.

If you have a puppy, we recommend starting with the puppy and CGC group classes and then entering the Train Your Own Service Dog program or 8 week Board and Train program.

For a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD), you must have access to low breath samples of 70 or below to train with in the TYOSD program.

Please book online for a Free Meet and Greet appointment so we can discuss your training needs.

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"Thanks to Michael Burkey and the MDT team, Murphy can enter an extremely loud raucous environment with noises and sounds that would normally scare or distract most dogs. He knows to look to me for direction and keeps his focus on his job. He can run a 15k trail race one night and have my back at work the next day. MDT can help make your dog the best partner for whatever you like to do. I highly recommend!"
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Macy and Murphy