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Needs Assessment

To learn more about our programs, please schedule a private or free group Meet and Greet session by clicking on the “Book Online” icon. It’s a great way to meet each other and for us to learn about your dog. We will:

 Inquire as to your training goals

To learn more (about our Board and Train, Day Train, In-Home Training or Private Lessons at our facility), register for a FREE Online Meet and Greet or a Private Meet and Greet (conducted online or at our facility) for a nominal fee by clicking the “Book Online” button. 

During the Meet and Greet, we will listen to your dog training concerns and make recommendations for training solutions. For Service Dog candidates, please select the in-person Meet and Greet at our facility so we can access your dog for service work. 

If you’re interested in a puppy or adult dog class, you can sign up for those directly without attending a Meet and Greet.

To explore our Board and Train, Day Train, In-Home Training, or Private Lessons, we offer two types of Needs Assessments: a complimentary Online Group Needs Assessment or a Private Needs Assessment, available online or in person for a nominal fee. To schedule your assessment, simply click the “Needs Assessment” button at the bottom of the page.

During the Needs Assessment, we will discuss your dog training goals and provide tailored recommendations.

For Service Dog candidates, please choose the private in-person Needs Assessment at our facility to evaluate your dog for service work.

If you are interested in puppy or adult dog classes, you can register for these directly on their respective webpage without attending a Needs Assessment.