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Michigan Dog Training

1031 Cherry Street

Plymouth, Michigan 48170


michigan dog tarining
  • Humane training methods
  • Reward based training methods where the dog learns to better his own situation
  • Focusing on teaching the dog “what to do” instead of “what not to do”
  • Using techniques that 1. prevent problems, 2. manage the dog’s environment and 3. teach alternative desired behaviors
  • Breaking learning exercises down into easy to understand components for both dogs and people
  • Relieving stress in dogs and people for optimum learning
  • Making learning fun for dogs and people

Michigan Dog Training (MDT) is an internationally recognized five star pet dog training copmpany and Dog Trainer Academy; providing behavior solutions, obedience training, and agression rehabilitation so dogs can become ideal family companions. 

We are sought out to train service dogs to negate the disabilities of their handlers.

MDT is also known for providing dog behavior education to families, corporations and the media, expert witness services, trained Dog Actors for movies and commercials to provide an animal heartfelt story to the sale of life improvement products, K9 Fitness, Scent Detection and emotional enrichment for dogs.

To enhance human and dog relationships to live in harmony together.

We improve family relationships through family based dog training.

  • We deliver 5 Star Customer Service
  • We Respect people and dogs
  • We are Problem Solvers
  • We believe in Teamwork
  • We demonstrate the upmost Integrity (Truthfulness, Transparency & Responsibility)
  • We pursue ongoing Self Development
  • We are Effective Communicators and Educators
  • We are Professionals
  • We hold ourselves Accountable to our values

Michigan Dog Training does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, age, or military veteran status in its employment or in the provision of educational programs and services.