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MDT Staff

MICHAEL Burkey's CV (resume)

CEO and Dog Behaviorist

Michael specializes in helping high energy dogs and fearful aggressive dogs become ideal companions. Michael is a professional dog trainer and dog behaviorist who has been highlighted regularly on Channel 2, 4 and  7 News in Metro Detroit and has been the “On Set Dog Trainer” for movies and commercials.  He is an expert trial witness on dog behavior, Diabetic Alert Dog Trainer, Certified E-Collar Specialist, Certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator for the American Kennel Club (AKC), former Police K9 Officer, Search and Rescue (SAR) K9 Training Director and SAR K9 Handlerobedience and rally competitor and Social Worker.

Michael Burkey, Dog Behaviorist, Michigan Dog Training, Plymouth, Michigan, German Short Hair Pointer


Office Manager

Wendy also currently works in the veterinary field and has done so for more than 20 years. She works to give her Rottweiler, Merlin a very spoiled life. She loves animals so much, she decided she wanted to work at MDT too!

KIM Smith

Human Resource Manager / Service Technician

Kim trained under Michael in MDT’s Dog Trainer Academy and did so well that upon completion she was hired as a Kennel Technician and later promoted to Assistant Dog Trainer. Currently, she is MDT’s Human Resource Manager and Service Technician ensuring the staff and facility operate efficiently for an awesome customer service experience. She is pictured with her dog Charlie.


Lead Dog Trainer

Amanda trains the other dog trainers, conducts private training lessons and teaches group classes.

She would like clients to know: “I am committed to my work at MDT because I am inspired by all that dogs are capable of learning and by the positive impact they are able to have on our lives when well trained. I enjoy how dog training often challenges me to communicate or try things differently and I learn something new from every dog I teach. I spent a lot of time around dogs growing up. During my childhood I had a black lab named Boomer who loved to run beside me while I rode my bicycle. Currently, I have two cats who refuse to be trained!”

CARI Moore

Lead Dog Trainer

Cari has a Pitbull Mastiff mix at home named Bear. She states, “I have spent my entire life with dogs, never going a single day without. Dogs have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I find it rewarding to see how much a dog can learn and the bond that is created.

In my off time, I love to be outdoors, traveling, or spending time with my niece, all of which I do with Bear.”



Lead Kennel Technician

Alyssa trains and leads the other Kennel Technicians. She has been working with animals for more than 4 years and she can’t imagine working where animals weren’t involved. She says getting to see all the dogs at MDT is always a highlight to her day. When not at work, she loves to play with her gerbil George, go hiking, rollerblade and explore all that nature has to offer.


Dog Trainer

When Sydney’s not working, she is at school learning all sorts of new things. She especially enjoys studying psychology.

She loves being able to see how far the doggies can progress with training and how happy they can get, especially when playing!

Dogs have taught her the infinite amounts of love they share. No matter what kind of day you’re having, doggie friends will ensure to make it better! She has a mix breed dog named Milo.


Dog Trainer

Molly came to MDT with experience at a local dog shelter.

Molly says, “I realized I was meant to do dog training after learning how to help my own dog work through anxiety and fear issues. At MDT, I enjoy seeing the progress the dogs make in such a short period of time. Service Dogs have an extra special spot in my heart and feel very fulfilled when they are ready to be reunited with their owner.

I intend to continue dog training as a career and look forward to working with all types of dogs.”

JESS Thorburn

Kennel Technician

Jess has 2 dogs and 6 rabbits at home. She is an Award Winning Professional Groomer and owned her own grooming business. After being a groomer for 11 years and having been a client at Michigan Dog Training, where she trained her Service Dog Beaker, she decided to make a career change and come work for Michigan Dog Training. She wants you to know, “Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to work with animals. Grooming has been the perfect mix of working with animals and being an artist at the same time. While grooming, I learned a lot about dog behavior and reading dogs’ body language. I really enjoyed the training process with Beaker and getting to know the staff at MDT so I had to join the MDT Team!”

AARON Burkey

Kennel Technician

Aaron has a beagle mix named Marley. He says, I have been around dogs my whole life which inspired me to work with dogs.” He has helped his Uncle Michael (Burkey) train dogs since he was a little guy. He likes to be outside and spend time with his friends. He further says, “Dogs have taught me to see the world in different ways.” He was a High School Football and Track athlete.


Dog Trainer

Lindsey says, “I spent a great portion of my childhood believing I was part dog. I felt like dogs could read my mind.” Thus, she has always had an overwhelming love for dogs. She has a great Pyrenees at home and loves being able to come to work and spend time with all the dogs at MDT.

BRE Ritter

Office Manager/Kennel Technician
Bre has had dogs all her life and used to volunteer at an animal shelter. She is a graduate of Alma College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and has prior work experience in customer service. Her experience uniquely prepared her to assist our clients efficiently, professionally and with a joyful personal touch. Bre wants you to know; “After graduation, I applied to Michigan Dog Training and learned what it meant to enjoy your job! I get to do all the organizing in the administration office and play with dogs as well, it’s the perfect job for me!”

DYLAN Poster

Kennel Technician

Dylan has a Frenchie named Brody at home, who inspired him to work with dogs when not in school. Dylan also likes to spend time with friends and family. He says, “Working with dogs showed me how special the bond between a dog and their family can be.”

Dylan was also a high school football player.