E-Collar Training

The E-Collar Training class takes the basic obedience commands your dog already knows and overlays the use of an electronic collar (E-Collar) to obtain the reliability and off leash freedom you desire for your dog. You’re the type of person who wants more than simply loose leash walking. You want a dog who will come when called, off-leash, despite distractions and show good manners in simulated public environments.

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What to bring to class?

If your puppy or dog is a new student, please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination verification (DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies) and a negative fecal test result within the last six months to the first night of class. Puppies and Dogs cannot attend class without verification.

Soft food treats your dog enjoys

 MDT uses the E-Collar as a communication tool, like a tap on the shoulder set at low-level stimulation. The Dogtra collars (included in the class fee) are the world’s finest e-collar. The 1900S and the 280C (for smaller dogs) have 127 levels offering a wide variance of levels so you can truly use the lowest level to get your dog’s attention. It also includes a vibration mode that simply shakes the collar to interrupt non-desired behavior such as jumping, mouthing, digging, etc.

At the end of the class, you can test for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA) title. Testing is done without the collar and is free for students. 

To participate, your dog should

Be 4 months of age or older

Know basic commands (sit, down, come, beginning stay, beginning place)

Be friendly toward other dogs and people (green light dog).

You receive

6 week class 

Dogtra E-Collar

Reliable obedience you never thought would be possible

Dogtra 280C
Dogtra 1900S