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Off Leash Freedom

The Off Leash Freedom group class enhances your dog’s basic obedience skills by incorporating the use of an electronic collar (E-Collar), resulting in improved reliability and off-leash freedom. This training program is designed for individuals who desire more than just loose leash walking. It aims to provide owners with a dog that responds when called, even when off-leash and amidst distractions, and displays proper etiquette in simulated public settings. 

The use of E-collars, or electronic collars, in dog training is a controversial topic, and opinions on their use are divided. Trainers such as those at MDT believe that E-collars can be a useful tool for training dogs, while others argue that they are cruel and unnecessary. However, those trainers are not properly trained on how to train with a modern day, high quality E-Collar. Their perception of it is based on products and training styles from 30 years ago.

Here are some advantages of using an E-collar for dog training:

1. Improved off-leash control: E-collars can provide a way to communicate with a dog over a greater distance than traditional leash and collar training. This can be especially useful for training dogs for activities such as hiking, hunting and scent detection trials as well as for the family pet dog who gets loose and doesn’t want to return to its owner.

2. More precise feedback: E-collars can provide immediate feedback to a dog, allowing for more precise training. This can be helpful for teaching commands such as a recall, where timing is crucial.

3. Increased safety: E-collars can help keep dogs safe by allowing owners to quickly and effectively communicate with them in potentially dangerous situations, such as when crossing a road or encountering wildlife.

4. Reduced stress: E-Collar training can be less stressful for dogs than traditional training methods, as they provide clear and consistent communication at low levels without the need for physical corrections.

E-Collar training utilizes the slight sensation of the collar as a motivator for dogs to respond to commands, even amidst distractions. This training approach provides two rewards for the dog: the cessation of the collar’s slight sensation and praise to reinforce the behavior of responding when called. With repetition, the dog learns to respond to commands without use of the E-Collar.

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What to bring to class?

If your puppy or dog is a new student, please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination verification (DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies) and a negative fecal test result within the last six months to the first night of class. Puppies and Dogs cannot attend class without verification.

Soft food treats your dog enjoys

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e collar training for dogs

MDT employs the E-Collar as a means of communication, utilizing low-level stimulation similar to a tap on the shoulder. The class fee includes the highly regarded Dogtra collars, considered to be the best e-collars worldwide. The E-Collars offer a vast range of levels, allowing for precise calibration to capture your dog’s attention using the lowest possible level. Additionally, the collars are equipped with a vibration mode, providing a gentle shake to deter undesirable behaviors like jumping, mouthing, digging, etc. 

Upon completion of the course, participants have the opportunity to test for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA) title, without the use of the collar. Testing is free of charge for students.

To participate, your dog should

Be 4 months of age or older

Have a beginning knowledge of the sit and come commands 

Be friendly toward other dogs and people (green light dog).

You will receive

7 week class (1 private lesson, 2 online classes and 4 in person classes)

Dogtra E-Collar 

Video library to supplement in person lessons

Reliable obedience you never thought would be possible

Dogtra 280C
Dogtra 280C
Dogtra IQ (for small dogs)
Dogtra IQ (for small dogs)