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Fun Fact: Service Dogs & Scent Detection

By Essential IT

A fun fact about dog training is that dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell, and this ability can be harnessed for training purposes. Some dogs are trained in scent detection and can identify specific scents with remarkable accuracy. In fact, a dog’s sense of smell is so powerful that they can detect certain medical conditions in humans, such as low blood sugar or even certain types of cancer.

In dog training, scent detection is often used for search and rescue operations, locating missing persons, and identifying illegal substances at airports or border crossings. Dogs can be trained to associate a particular scent with a reward, encouraging them to seek out and indicate the presence of that scent.

This showcases not only the intelligence of dogs but also their incredible olfactory abilities, making them valuable partners in various fields.

Michael Burkey, owner of Michigan Dog Training (MDT) helps Diabetics train their dogs to indicate low blood sugars. Their dogs are then able to alert their owners when sugar levels go dangerously low.

Contact MDT via text 734-389-7358 to learn how you can train your dog to be a Service Dog through our Train Your Own Service Dog program. MDT also trains dogs to negate other disabilities such as PTSD, Mobility, Cardiac Assist, and Hearing Alert.


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