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An Unforgettable Day at Maybury State Park: Service Dogs in Training with Michigan Dog Training

By michael burkey

On a beautiful summer day, Friday, June 21, 2024, Michael, Stormy, and Jackie from Michigan Dog Training took an exciting field trip to Maybury State Park. Their mission? To help two special dogs, Persephone and Tig, hone their skills amidst the real-world distractions of the park’s lush environment.

Persephone, a German Shepherd, is training to become a Psychiatric Alert Service Dog, while Tig, a Rottweiler, is on his way to becoming a Mobility Service Dog. This picturesque park, with its rich history and vibrant ecosystem, provided the perfect setting for a day of intense yet enjoyable training.

A Journey Through History and Nature

Maybury State Park, known for its extensive hiking trails and community events, offered an ideal backdrop for this training adventure. Once a sanatorium from 1921 to 1969, the park is steeped in history. Plaques throughout the park tell stories of the past, like the one about the Doctor’s Home. In the 1940s, this home housed nearly half of the sanatorium’s 480 employees. The first floor reception room hosted medical conferences twice a week to discuss patient treatments and occasionally served as a venue for social gatherings.

Persephone and Tig: Stars of the Day

As Persephone and Tig navigated the trails, they encountered a variety of distractions-forest critters darting across their path, people enjoying their hikes, and other dogs exploring the area. These real-world challenges were perfect for testing their obedience and focus, critical skills for their future roles as service dogs.

Persephone, with her keen senses and sharp mind, was particularly adept at maintaining her focus despite the bustling environment. Her training as a Psychiatric Alert Service Dog requires her to remain calm and attentive, ready to provide support to her handler at any moment. Tig, with his strong and steady presence, worked diligently on his mobility assistance skills, ensuring he could reliably support his future handler’s physical needs.

Training in the Real World

Taking training sessions out of the controlled environment of the training facility and into the real world is crucial. It allows the dogs to experience and adapt to the unexpected, building their confidence and reliability. The dog trainers expertly guided Persephone and Tig through various scenarios, reinforcing their commands and rewarding their successes.

The park’s natural beauty, with its dense forests and serene trails, provided plenty of opportunities for the dogs to practice navigating different terrains. The presence of wildlife tested their impulse control, while the many park visitors helped them get used to staying focused amid the hustle and bustle.

Enhancing Lives Through Service and Training

The day’s outing underscored the importance of thorough and varied training for service dogs. For Persephone and Tig, experiences like these are vital for preparing them to excel in their roles. Service dogs must be unflappable, ready to assist their handlers in any situation, and outings to places like Maybury State Park are essential for building these qualities.

Michigan Dog Training, based in Plymouth, Michigan, is dedicated to helping dogs reach their full potential. Through personalized training programs, they ensure dogs like Persephone and Tig are well-prepared to provide invaluable assistance to their future handlers. If you’re looking to enhance your dog’s training or need a service dog trained to meet specific needs, Michael and his team are ready to help.

Join the Journey

If you want to see your dog thrive in real-world situations or require a service dog tailored to your needs, contact Michigan Dog Training at 734-892-1447 or visit their website at Let Michael’s expert team guide your dog through a transformative training journey, ensuring they are ready to navigate the world with confidence and grace.


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