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From Dog Training to Personal Transformation: A Journey to Health and Fitness

By michael burkey

I had a conversation today with a dog training student about her dog’s weight and the need for her to lose a few pounds. I mentioned that a healthy dog should show the last rib – a sign of proper weight. Many pet owners, however, are unfamiliar with this standard because they often see overweight dogs among their friends’ pets.

This got me thinking about people too. I grew up in a family where obesity was prevalent, and apart from my time in law enforcement where fitness was mandatory, my role models were not particularly fit. It’s challenging to imagine a fit lifestyle when you’re surrounded by others with unhealthy habits, mirroring your own.

Since losing 70 pounds (and still progressing), I’ve surrounded myself with friends, mentors, and coaches who prioritize fitness. This environment has made it easier to stay focused on my health journey.

It’s not the dog owner’s fault if they don’t realize their dog is overweight; often, they’ve only seen overweight dogs around them. However, with proper education on their dog’s health and fitness, they can help their pet become more athletic and extend their lifespan. This analogy holds true for humans as well.


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