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When it Rains, it…..it’s Time to Train Your Dog

dog training, dog walking, dog obedience, private dog trainingWith our change of seasons, finding the perfect weather in Michigan to train your dog is not an easy thing to do.  If you wait for the perfect day, you’ll have limited days to train and exercise your dog.  So what is one to do?

The first option but perhaps not the most common answer is to simply grin and bear it. Grab your winter coat, gloves and hat or rain jacket and simply change your perception. Despite the weather, it’s still a wonderful opportunity to bond with and enjoy a nice walk with your dog. You can also purchase a dog coat and booties for your dog to protect him/her from the cold and ice.

Another option would be to search for parks and walk areas that offer protection from the wind as wind chill can make the air feel much colder than it really is.  If it’s raining, walking under the covered walk way of outdoor shopping plazas offer protection from the rain.  This provides a dry walk area and the opportunity to practice calm greetings with strangers who are entering and exiting area stores.  Additionally, you can end your walk by visiting a warm and dry pet store or doggie bakery.  While there, you’ll encounter wonderful opportunities for your dog to practice good manners amongst distractions of other dogs and people.

However, if you decide it’s just not worth the effort to venture out in less than desirabledog training, dog obedience, dog walking, board and train, place command weather, stay at home and practice your dog’s “sit stay”, “down stay” and “place” commands.  If you need help with teaching your dog new manners, enroll him/her in a dog training class.  And, to burn off your dog’s pent up energy, take him/her for fun play times with other dogs at a doggie daycare.

So you see, there’s no truth to the saying, “When it rains, it pours.”  Instead, it should be, “When it rains, ….it’s time to train your dog.”


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