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Spay/Neuter – How Long to Wait Before Obedience Training?

dog training, group obedience class, german shepherdA question commonly asked is, “how long should I wait after my dog is spayed or neutered before they can participate in dog training?” The quick answer is to consult with your veterinarian as your own dog’s physical needs may be different than with other dogs.

However, in general dogs need about a week to recover. Your dog has just had surgery. It’s a routine surgery but surgery just the same. Veterinarians are concerned about your dog making a speedy recovery without the stitches being pulled out due to excessive activity or jumping.

There is also a difference in what kind of dog sport your dog participates in. There will be a need for a longer recovery time for a dog active in agility, frisbee or Schutzhund than for a dog enrolled in a dog obedience class where the emphasis is on sitting, walking and rewarding calm behavior rather than running and performing jumps.

Your dog is likely to be more active at home than they are to be at a basic obedience dog training class. So it will be important to limit your dog’s running and jumping in the home for a few days after the surgery. So in summary, follow your veterinarian’s advice and base your decision on the type of activity your dog is enrolled in.


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