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The Force Awakens in dog training

By Essential IT

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Today, “The Force Awakens” opened at theaters everywhere, the new Star Wars movie. And, many of the Michigan Dog Trainers and I went to see the 12:15am premiere together. Why  the 12:15am premier you ask? I haven’t a clue other than perhaps I gave into the suggestive young minds of my fellow Jedi Knights. : )

As I sat in my theater seat with anticipation, there was a force within me awakening. That “force” is what motivates us to train dogs. For me, the utmost importance, is to have a trusting and loving companionship with my dogs. And, that extends to my community of dog lovers by ensuring peace and safety for all.

Dogs teach us many things about life such as to think in the moment. Dogs don’t regret the past. They have memories that can be triggered by current situations but they’re not sitting there worrying about what happened to them many years ago. Nor do they worry about their future life. They also seek out fun opportunities many times with simple items. To them, little things can bring so much joy. I believe we should observe and learn from them by truly being in the moment with them.

They think and act in the present moment. Normally, I like to think of them as Doggie Buddhists. But today, they remind me of a Jedi Knight. Being in the moment allows one to truly connect with others, to know oneself and provides vision that you did not have before. It prevents unnecessary suffering by offering clarity and an unique mindset of  “Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try”, according to Yoda and my good friend Robin McFarlane of That’s My Dog!.

So how does this force awaken within you to train your dog? First consider how things are going now for you. What is your relationship like with your dog.  Does he or she not pay attention to you, pull you down the street, not come when called, jump on you and your guests, etc. Experience the pain of what this means as if you’re watching a movie screen with your dog portraying as the main actor. Do you find yourself either isolating your dog to another room when your guests come over or have they stopped visiting you because of your dog? To watch it, hurts doesn’t it? One must experience the pain to be willing to do something different. Be a resistance fighter and decide to put an end to accepting the way things are with your dog.

Imagine what your relationship can become with your dog.  You and your dog going on nice wooded hikes together, strolling downtown streets together, your dog coming when called reliably, your dog going to a predetermined “place” when people come to the front door, your dog laying at your side while you eat dinner or watch a movie with your spouse etc. Shrink the first movie on the screen and replace it with this desired movie. Feel the force within you awaken as you allow the second movie to play over and over again because your dog can be the good dog you desire. As Stephen Covey said, “One must begin with the end in mind.”

  • You’ve experienced the pain of not doing.
  • You’ve imagined what is possible of doing.
  • So now it’s up to you “to do.” And, if you need help, the Jedi Knights at Michigan Dog Training are there to help you along your journey.

So I’m curious what inspires you to train your dog? Comment below and feel the force awaken.


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