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Teach your dog to spin

By Essential IT

Teach your dog to spin, dog tricks, Michigan Dog Training

In the below video, Michael Burkey teaches Hunter, a day school attendee at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan, to spin in a circle.  In a nutshell, these are the steps to teaching your dog to spin:

  1. Lure your dog across your body with a tasty food treat in your hand and into the spin, reward upon completion of the spin
  2. Say “spin” and then lure your dog across your body into the spin and reward as before
  3. Say “spin” and make the luring more of a hand signal instead of a lure into the spin
  4. Finished product, simply say “spin” without the hand signal

Teaching your dog to spin is a great trick; your dog will enjoy performing the spin, your children will enjoy telling your dog to spin and it helps high energy dogs burn off excess energy. Additionally, if you teach your dog to spin in both directions, it will help them stretch both sides of their body.

If you would like to learn how to teach your dog more tricks, contact Michigan Dog Training and sign up for the “Do More With Your Dog” dog tricks group class.


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