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Dog Poop Bags: How to open them and which ones to buy

By Essential IT

Not all dog poop bags are the same.  Some bags are cheap but as the saying goes, “you usually get what you pay for.”  They tend to be very thin and break open while you’re cleaning up your dog’s dirty business. Others are thicker, come in different colors and most importantly some are easy and some are difficult to open. For the ones that are hard to open, Katie Babcock, a dog trainer at Michigan Dog Training LLC , shows in the below video how one can more easily open the bags without licking a finger. Because oh that’s gross when you are cleaning up poop. Later in the video, Michael Burkey, President of Michigan Dog Training LLC talks about which poop bags his company has found to be most effective.

Dog Poop Bags: How to open them more easily and which ones to buy



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