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Its hard to know who you can trust when searching for a qualified dog training company and ultimately the best dog trainers in Michigan. There are numerous different training styles and beliefs to choose from. Some trainers lean toward pure positive reinforcement (which there is no such thing in the real world) and sadly others are still locked in the old days of “training” by punishment. There are also trainers who outwardly lie.  I personally know one “trainer” who was fired from a dog training company and falsely tells his clients he had received two promotions.

You want to select a trainer that is highly experienced and demonstrates the ultimate integrity and professionalism. The trainer should use positive training methods to teach new skills but will also use fair corrections to decrease undesired behavior once the dog understands what is the expected behavior. Its like training children. You show them the value in doing the right thing (behavior). Thus, they learn there are rewards for doing the right thing and in the end it becomes self rewarding to do the right thing. Once they know what is expected behavior they also learn there are logical and fair consequences for choosing not to do the right thing.

While I (Michael Burkey of Michigan Dog Training) would love to work with you and your dog; I want to share with you who else I believe are the best dog trainers in Michigan. That way whether based on geographical location, their specialty or it just feels like the right fit; you can rest assured you’re working with a trusted professional. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Randy Adams, of Adam’s K9 in Hudsonville, Michigan, 616,209-5501. Randy is a former Police K9 Officer and Trainer. Winner of many Police Dog Trials, he has a master’s degree and is a state of Michigan expert witness.

Ted Aranda, CPDT-KA of Aranda Dog Training, Adrian, Michigan, 517-265-3266. Ted’s career training dogs started in 1975 as an obedience competitor. Winner of many titles he also became known for providing lectures on dog behavior and consulting with animal rescues and shelters.

Gustavo Sanchez of Capital Area Schutzhund Club, Charlotte, Michigan, 517-388-6141. Gustavo has won many awards in Schutzhund and is the decoy and coach of Capital Area Schutzhund Club. In addition to club activities, he provides private lessons in obedience and tracking.



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