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Bentley Becomes a Demo Dog

By Essential IT

Bentley as the Demo Therapy Dog at a Conference for 800 Health Professionals

Bentley came to Michael Burkey’s Board and Train Program to learn to be calmer and more obedient. He liked to jump on people, pull on the leash, mouth/nip petting hands, and would not come upon being called to come.  He not only learned to come and not do the above things but he also graduated to being Michael’s demo dog at a health conference for 800 health professionals.  Bentley showed how a dog can be trained to be calm and obedient in public settings and provide therapy for patients and staff.

Below is a email received from Bentley’s owner.

Hi Michael

Thanks so much for coming out (for a board and train follow up in home session). Bentley was a good boy today.  Annmarie went running with him and he stayed right next to her.  I will look into the k9 biker (to give Bentley more exercise).  Thanks for the info.

Thanks,  Marie


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