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Beauty Learns to Wait for her Food

Beauty a Labrador mix use to dive her nose into the food bin as her mom, Bette Baumia, scooped food into her dish.  And, when Bette tried to put Beauty’s food dish on the ground, well you can guess what would happen.  Yes, Beauty would pounce on the dish as if she had never been fed before.

In a previous in home dog training session, Bette taught Beauty a “leave it” command.  So now it was time to put it to a test in a real world situation.  In just 5-10 minutes, Beauty learned to not only wait as the food was being dished out but also until she was released from a sit to eat from her food dish.  Nice job Bette!!  It’s always nice to see a dog team take what they learn from an obedience exercise and use it in a real world application.


So what obedience exercises has Bette and Beauty inspired you to try with your dog in a real world setting?


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