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Activities to Deepen the Bond with Your Dog?

Cyrano watches his mom lay a track

Cyrano and Dawn have become a great team. I remember way back when Cyrano was a wild child with over the top excitement.  He had way much more excitement than what should be legally allowed for several dogs. When he greeted other dogs on a leash, he literally did standing Parkour flips.

Dawn spent the time necessary socializing and training him enabling him to earn a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate.  Now they are regular attendees and calm greeters at Awesome Adventure group dog walks sponsored by the Michigan Dog Trainer.  Dawn has a new goal for her and Cyrano and that is for them to learn how to track.   Whether done for competition, search and rescue, police work or just for fun; tracking with your dog can be a fun activity that will deepen your relationship with your dog.  It will also serve to provide your dog with much needed mental stimulation.

Pictured here is Cyrano stepping out on one of his first tracks.  What activities do you do with your dog to provide him/her with mental stimulation, physical exercise and/or to deepen the bond with your dog?  Please share in the comments below.

Cyrano sets out on one of his first tracks


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