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Testimonial – “Feels Like a Miracle”

By Essential IT


Ginger, an Australian Shepherd mix came to Michigan Dog Trainer for a week board and train program due to her reactivity toward other dogs.  She had also been previously trained on an invisible fence system which caused her to stop dead in her tracks during neighborhood walks any time she saw a yard flag or lawn sign.  In one weeks’ time, she learned to have more confidence and walk past yard flags and signs and not be so reactive toward other dogs.  Below is an email message received from Ginger’s owner, Kelly.

“Ginger is like a new dog….feels like a miracle.  We have walked past several dogs with only one episode of lunge/barking and one “tap” (from a Dogtra remote training collar set at a low setting) brought her right back to my side.

THANK you for all your help-it is so exciting to see how different she is and to know how much her life is going to change for the better.”

Kelly Hammill of Ann Arbor

After receiving the above email, Michael went back to visit Kelly and Ginger for a follow-up session.  Ginger had continued to make progress and she was very relaxed during her walks in the neighborhood and at parks.  Additionally, she continued to be able to walk past other dogs without becoming reactive.

Kelly is so happy with Ginger’s progress that she is excited to take Ginger with her during a weekend trip to Chicago, Illinois.  Whereas, in the past she had to leave Ginger home due to her reactivity toward dogs. Kelly offered to give the below video testimonial.


“Hi my name is Kelly Hammill, and  Ginger I  just want to give a big thanks to Michael, Michigan Dog Trainer, for changing our lives!  Ginger can now walk on leash past other dogs, I can take her to parks, she can be apart of…, she can go with us anywhere.  I am so excited!  And, so is she, …instead of being left at home.  So thanks again Michael!  Great work!”


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