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Remote Collar Endorsement: No More Blood

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Linda C. of Lincoln Park, Michigan shares her story of how her dog Lexie (before training with Michael Burkey, a Michigan Professional Dog Trainer) use to jump up to greet people and cause injuries.  Her sister had received bloody noses and she had her lip split by Lexie’s friendly but overly excited greetings.

Previously, Linda had tried to teach Lexie to sit instead of jumping up by using only food treats (positive reinforcement).  However, this was unsuccessful due to Lexie’s high level of excitement.  With the use of a remote training collar set at the “just right level” along with praise and food treats, Lexie learned to sit instead of jump up, to walk on a loose leash, to come when called, to go to “place” to greet visitors at the front door and to be overly a calmer dog.

Linda’s sister had stopped visiting her due to Lexie’s prior behavior but has now returned to visiting her with no repeated jumping incidents.  Additionally, Linda’s dog groomer has also noted how much calmer Lexie is now during grooming sessions.

In Linda’s own words, she says “No more blood (bloody noses and split lips)”, “People actually like her now” and “I highly recommend the (remote) collars.”  For more information about remote collars, please visit The Truth About Shock Collars and the facebook page, I Love my E-Collar and So Does My Dog.



Lucky, Linda and Lexie

On July 23, 2011, I received a wonderful email from Linda describing how her daughter in Florida was now able to walk her dog after watching Robin MacFarlane’s remote collar training DVD’s that I had recommended to her.

“Hi Michael,

I wanted to let you know that my daughter’s dog, Daisy, was able to go on her first walk ever! My daughter and granddaughters watched the (“Just Right!”) DVDs first, walked her around in the house with her remote collar, and then set out for a walk outside. She behaved beautifully! They are thrilled! In the past, someone would end up on the ground when Daisy started pulling on her leash. Now she’s calm and enjoys her walks.

Lexi and Lucky are doing well too.

Thank you for all your help.

Linda C.”



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