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Product Review – “Just Right!” DVDs

By Essential IT

Robin MacFarlane

Robin MacFarlane, an internationally renown remote collar specialist, owner and Training Director of That’s My Dog!, and good friend of mine has produced two amazing dog training DVDs.  The name of the DVDs are: “Just Right!, A Step-By-Step Guide to Remote Collar Dog Training” and “Just Right! Volume 2, Additional Skills for Training Your Pet Dog”.  The DVDs introduce dog owners to the foundation steps needed to properly train their pet dog using a remote collar set at the “just right setting”.

What is the just right setting?  It’s the level of stimulation that is just noticeable by the dog but not painful.  It acts as an excellent communication tool. Figuratively, it allows you to remotely reach out and tap your dog on the shoulder to remind him/her to pay attention to you.

She clearly explains how to set the “just right level” as well as how to teach your dog to follow you on a loose leash, to come, to sit, and go to a designated place such as a placeboard.  The placeboard is helpful when inviting guests into the home, asking the dog to go to their place during the family dinner, etc.  Having a “place” command allows the dog to remain with the family but be under control rather than jumping on guests or begging at the dinner table.

On the jacket covers, MacFarlane states in the “Just Right!” DVD, “The skills learned from this DVD will help you to teach your dog to:

  • Walking nicely on leash
  • Come when called
  • Stop jumping on people
  • Stay quietly on one spot
  • Stop nuisance barking”

For the “Just Right! Volume 2 DVD, MacFarlane states, “The skills demonstrated in this DVD build off the foundation work taught in the first “Just Right!” training video.  In this edition, you will learn to teach your dog to:

  • To listen and be reliable both on and off leash
  • Sit and stay
  • Lay down and stay
  • Place command (remain on a bed, rug or other mat)
  • Behave politely around other dogs
  • To remain focused and listening even around other distractions.”

The DVDs are very informative, professionally produced and fun to watch.  She breaks the training ideas down into easily understandable learning blocks.  MacFarlane is not only a superb dog trainer but also a wonderful people educator!  I also liked that she demonstrated her points:

  • with various dog breeds
  • in various learning stages and
  • in several different real world training locations.

I recently trained Linda C. of Lincoln Park, Michigan on how to use a remote training collar with her two dogs Lexie and Lucky.  Because she made fabulous progress with her dogs, her daughter in Florida also wanted to train her dog using the remote collar system.  However, her daughter was unable to hire a remote collar specialist in her area.  Therefore, I recommended that she buy MacFarlane’s DVDs and call me if she had questions.  This is an email I received from Linda regarding her daughter’s progress with Daisey after watching MacFarlane’s DVDs:

“Hi Michael,

I wanted to let you know that my daughter’s dog, Daisy, was able to go on her first walk ever! My daughter and granddaughters watched the (“Just Right!”) DVDs first, walked her around in the house with her remote collar, and then set out for a walk outside. She behaved beautifully! They are thrilled! In the past, someone would end up on the ground when Daisy started pulling on her leash. Now she’s calm and enjoys her walks.

Lexi and Lucky are doing well too.

Thank you for all your help.

Linda C.”

Quite simply, whether you’re working on your own or with a professional dog trainer who is a remote collar specialist, the “Just Right!” DVDs are a valuable training resource for pet dog owners.  I highly recommend them! They are the best teaching DVDs on the market!


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