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Pitt Bull Goes From Being a Bird Chaser to a “Bird Watcher”


This is the story of a wonderful and friendly Pitt Bull named “Whisper”.  In just a few in home dog training lessons, Whisper went from being a bird chaser to a “bird watcher.”

Previously, her owners Alex and Michelle had trouble walking Whisper because of her intense desire to chase birds and other animals.  And, the few walks they went on usually resulted in them carrying Whisper toward the end of the walks.  Due to her constant lunging and pulling on the leash, Whisper would exhaust herself to the point that she would physically be unable to complete the walks on her own four feet.

That was until her owners contacted Michael Burkey, a dog behaviorist of Michigan Dog Training, Inc.   Training consisted of teaching Whisper basic obedience commands via food rewards and a remote training collar (also known as an ecollar or inaccurately called a shock collar), set at a low level that helped to interrupt her lost of focus.  The first two training sessions occurred at the owner’s home and the third and four sessions were held at Gallup Park, in Ann Arbor, Michigan amongst many every day distractions such as geese, ducks, runners, bikers, and other dogs.  Alex and Michelle have done a great job training Whisper! They are now able to take her on leisurely walks.  This provides Whisper with much needed exercise and mental enrichment. She also has a new more relaxing vocation of being a  “bird watcher.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vQpkCFsYZo?hl=en&fs=1]


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