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New Year’s Resolutions for you and your dog

New Year’s Resolutions are here, have you made yours? And, if so, what are they? Have you made them for your dog(s)? If so, what are they?

You’ll hear many people state they are for or against New Year’s Resolutions, usually it’s based on whether or not they kept their resolutions in the past. Resolutions are well intended but without a concrete goal as how to carry them out, they end up being just that a good intention. But to look at it at another way, a resolution is really a committed decision to make the change.

People struggling with certain issues will say they’ve been trying to make the change all their life or for so many years. The problem of that statement is that they have been “trying” and trying very hard but not “doing.” There was no decision in that part of “trying”. You might have been spending many years thinking about making a change but the commitment to make the change happens now if you’re ready. So instead of making up a general wishy washy goal for the new year that you know will be hard to keep – get real about what you want, determine the “specific goal” and the steps you will take to accomplish the goal and by what date, and gather support systems to keep you honest about your goal and action steps. Then make the commitment to follow through and do it knowing you will accomplish your goal. As Yoda would say, “There is no “try”, there is only “do”.”

Some of my resolutions include:

  1. Once my wife is able to relocate to Michigan from Asia, to introduce her to my family, friends and the wonderful sights of the United States.
  2. Lose weight (a classic) by eating healthier and getting more exercise.
  3. Create new and exciting programs for my clients at the “Michigan Dog Training”.
  4. Have more fun with my dog Starbuck.

I won’t bore you with the daily action steps I have committed myself to doing in the new year but will say that I’ve already started on all of them. I expect my wife to arrive in the United States by March 2012 and I have several local and domestic trips planned for 2012. For the past five weeks I’ve done a tremendous amount of walking in Singapore which has eliminated the pain in my left hamstring and knee. Additionally, during that time I haven’t eaten any fast food including my previous favorite – pizza. My taste buds have changed to preferring heathy food such as vegetables, rice and fish. Previously, I was never a lover of fish but now I crave a well barbecued or grilled fish. I have already craved out time for myself at the gym 5x per week. Its on the schedule and it will happen. During my trip to Singapore, I’ve been developing new dog training programs such as a Tricks Class, Tricks Performance Team and a Dog Trainer’s Academy. Lastly but not least, I am committed to doing more and having more fun with my dog Starbuck. He is a great socializer for my board and train dogs that lack confidence but he deserves more than that. So I have created time to train him for various disciplines just as I create time for my board and train dogs. Plus, he’ll be my faithful travel companion.

So what are your committed resolutions for the New Year for you and your dog? I’d love to hear them. As Tony Robbins would say, “Live with passion!”. And, I would add, “Live with passion for you and your dog(s)!” Let’s create a fantastic 2012 together as there is no “have” but only “create”! If you need help, contact us at Michigan Dog Training.


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