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The Michigan Dog Training (MDT) staff is composed of very experienced and caring personnel dedicated to the care and well-being of your dog. Additionally, MDT has a structured training program for its Assistant Dog Trainers and Dog Trainers administered by the Program Coordinators as well as on-going Train the Trainer in-service training for all staff with Michael Burkey.

Each week, dog trainers at MDT in Plymouth, Michigan come together for a team meeting led by Michael Burkey, CEO and Dog Behaviorist at MDT. They discuss the dogs’ progress in the various dog training programs and hone their own dog training skills. This process keeps their skills sharp and gives them the opportunity to collaborate with each other in formulating new programs and training ideas.

Some of the in-service topics have included:

  • Safe dog handling and bite prevention
  • Aggression management
  • Focused heeling
  • Engagement or capturing the dog’s attention despite the reward not being present on the trainer
  • Ways to add distance work to stays
  • Sit and Down out of motion drills
  • Capping drive behaviors (quickly getting the dog to sit or down while the dog is in prey drive such as when chasing a toy)
  • Position changes (sit to stand, down from a stand, and stand from a sit with the dog in front as well as off to the side)
  • Going away from the trainer to a flat foot target
  • Having the dog return to them into a heel position by going around the trainer or lining up beside them
  • Heeling in close quarters to other dog teams
  • Advanced e-collar work
  • Fetch and hold an item for service dogs in training
  • Scent detection (diabetic alert dog, narcotic detection and nose work), and more.

The below video gives you a behind the scenes look at MDT Trainers working with the dogs.


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