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Lab Recommences Camping Trips

By Essential IT


Finley, a Labrador Retriever of Dearborn Heights, Michigan had a problem with barking and pulling on a leash upon seeing other dogs. Her owners wanted to take her on  camping trips up north. However, this would be next to impossible due to the camping trailers being near to each other.

So they contacted Michael Burkey of Michigan Dog Trainer for in home dog training.  In a short time, Finley and her owners made tremendous progress allowing Finley to recommence family camping trips.  Finley also learned not to barge out doorways and to go to her dog bed (place command) and remain there until verbally released.  This makes eating dinner much more pleasant as Finley is no longer trying to beg or steal her owner’s food.

On September 17, 2011, a thank you card was received from Finley’s owners.

“Dear Mike, What a wonderful surprise your beautiful card was!  It’s a little unusual to send a thank-you card for a thank-you card, but yours was so delightful, we had to do it! We will keep you up to date on Finley’s progress.  We are continually amazed at how easily we’ve been able to teach Finley new behaviors now that you’ve given us the training we needed!  Thank you!  Marvin and Mary Ellen.”

Finley with Marvin and Mary Ellen


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