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How to teach your puppy not to jump

Dogs love to jump! They’re excited to see you and want to explode upward toward your face. In doing so, they can get closer to be able to lick your face. So its a natural thing for a dog to do. Instead of correcting the Michigan Dog Training, Golden Retriever, dog jumping on ownerdog for “wanting to be close to you,” which is your dog’s intent; teach your puppy or dog not to jump by reinforcing the behavior you do want. You can teach your puppy to be calm and self composed by keeping four paws on the ground and later to offer a sit in order to get attention from you.

In the video below, Michael Burkey CEO and Dog Behaviorist and Eric Allport, Program Coordinator at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan demonstrate how to teach your puppy or dog not to jump. Here are the key ingredients:

  1. Tether your puppy to something they can’t move so you can stand just out of their reach preventing their ability to jump on you.
  2. Walk up to your dog. If your dog tries to jump on you step back out of reach.
  3. When your puppy is calmer, walk back to them and offer a tasty treat or petting. If they try to jump, step back again. Soon your pup will learn that jumping on you makes you move away and keeping four paws on the floor makes you come back to them.
  4. If your puppy starts to bark due to frustration, wait them out and when they are quiet mark it with the sound of a clicker or a verbal marker such as “yes” and return to them.
  5. If your puppy won’t stop barking, try walking up half way to them but stop before going rest of the way until they stop barking for a second.
  6. Once your dog is good at keeping four paws on the floor, raise the bar by giving a “sit” command (assuming they already know the sit command) prior to you walking up to them. If they break the sit, step away as before.
  7. In no time, your puppy will replace jumping on you with sitting for the attention they desire. For more puppy and dog training assistance, contact Michigan Dog Training at 734-634-4152.


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