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Exciting Group Classes at Michigan Dog Training!

By Essential IT


Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan has updated its group class descriptions to make them more clear as to content and pre-requisites. We’ve also added or made the following exciting changes:

* Added a Puppy 2 class for the pups who attended Puppy 1. This class is largely taught off leash, hence the reason why pups must attend a Puppy 1 class prior, to ensure they have the right temperament and socialization in place to be able to be off leash with older puppies. The Puppy Classes are patterned off from Veterinarian Behaviorist Ian Dunbar’s very successful puppy classes. Additionally, after completing Puppy 2, pups are ready to be evaluated for the American Kennel Club’s S.T.A.R. Puppy achievement. for which MDT staff are Puppy S.T.A.R. Evaluators.

* Added a Puppy Ultimate package which saves folks $27 if they sign up for the Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 at the same time as a package rather than independently.  We want to help you get your puppy started off on the “right paw” to learn things the right way, the first time.  Therefore, we want to reward you for your commitment to your puppy by offering an incentive.

* Took out the requirement of a basic manners obedience course for the Nosework class as we don’t mind high drive out of control dogs for learning Nosework. It’s actually helpful if the dog doesn’t know a lot of obedience when learning Nosework because the dog is more willing to work independent of the handler.

*Put the popular Remote Manners class back on the list along with two options for folks who already have an approved remote training collar and only need a group class and an option for folks to save $15.00 by buying the remote collar from us when signing up for the class.

* Put the amazing Circus Dog class (tricks and fun agility) back on the list.  It’s a fun outlet for dogs and owners alike and a great way for owners to “Do More With Your Dog” as MDT Staff are Certified Trick Dog Instructors via International Trick Dog Instructor, Celebrity Dog Trainer and multi-times Author Kyra Sundance.

*Added an Advanced Manners group class that prepares dog teams to be evaluated for the American Kennel Club’s new title Advanced Canine Good Citizen in the Community for which MDT staff are CGC and ACGC Evaluators.

MDT has also added an easier to use drop down menu for students to pay online for classes after they fill out the registration form. June class dates will be posted on May 9th, 2014.  So check here for class offerings and dates.  Exciting things are happening at Michigan Dog Training so join the fun! For more information, contact MDT at 734-634-4152.



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