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Buddy has a new start on life

By Essential IT

ImageJoann and her daughter brought “Buddy” to Michigan Dog Trainer for personal dog training.  It was a wonderful reunion for me because years ago another client brought Buddy to me for training.  However, that client only did a free consultation and did not follow through with training.  She (the client) was physically unable to walk an active dog.  Also at that time, Buddy was extremely obese and I mean “extremely” obese (twice the size he is now).

He evidently was owner surrendered to a shelter and was fortunately removed by a rescue organization from whom Joann adopted him.  Joann then happened to find MDT to seek out training and the reunion with Buddy (his name wasn’t changed nor had I forgotten him) was fate.  As before, he loved to pull hard on the leash which made it impossible to walk him.  However, in a few short sessions, Joann and her daughter are now able to take Buddy for enjoyable walks, call him to come, tell him to sit, stay and go to place.

Due to the love and commitment shown by Joann and her daughter, Buddy has a new wonderful happy life, the way it should be.  Thank you Joann for bringing Buddy back into my life.  He is an inspiration for all that we do to help dogs and their families.


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