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Attaching images to core beliefs

By Essential IT


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Ellen Patnaude, Professional Development Consultant


At a BNI Meeting today, Referral Business Alliance, Ellen Patnaude, Professional development Consultant of LEAP Consulting, Training and Coaching gave a very memorable and quick education image as how to demonstrate superb customer service. The image or series of images promotes trust and communication.  I’d like to paraphrase what she said below as it’s excellent advice that the staff at Michigan Dog Training highly values.

Patnaude said, imagine or picture Robert Ebert, a movie critic looking through a telescope.  He spies a smiling face.  The smiling face lassos a beast of burden who steps on and crushes a cell phone.  What pops out of the cracked cell phone is a pair of noise cancelling headphones. What does all this mean you ask.  In our conversations with others we strive to be honest and non-judgmental, gain the perspective of the other person’s problem, concern or challenge.  When we smile it says we are accessible to others for discussion.  It’s important to listen to others intently without off loading our burdens on them while at the same time tuning out distractions. Patnaude has an unique way of attaching images to core beliefs which helps one remember and keep those core beliefs at the front of their minds.


1. Roger Ebert, movie critic —> be honest, tactful and non-judgmental

2. Ebert looks through a telescope  —> to gain perspective of the other person’s problem, concern or challenge

3. Ebert  spies a smiley face   —> we are accessible when we smile at others

4. The smiley face lassos a beast of burden  —> remove your burdens from the conversation so you don’t off load them onto others

5. The beast of burden steps on and crushes a cell phone  —> two way communication is key, so keep communication lines open and in good repair

6. What pops out of the broken cell phone is noise cancelling headphones —> to help you focus on the person you are listening to while tuning out other distractions



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