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“Ranger” does an Out of Sight Place Command

By Essential IT

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After completing a Remote Adventures Class, Jenny King of Milford, Michigan sent me an updated progress note of her dog’s ability to do an out of sight “place” command in the real world.

Jenny reported, “This evening my parents came over for dinner and came in my garage door without me knowing until I heard Ranger pounding down the hallway towards them. I could not see him but I yelled “Go to your spot!” (There is a spot for him by the garage door and the front door). He didn’t even make it to my parents – who were just a couple of feet from his “spot.” He immediately went to his spot and did not get off until I released him.

Yay! I was just thrilled! I know that is very difficult for him with the excitement of company.  Thank you so much for your help!”


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