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Bernese Mountain Dog Calms Down and Learns to Walk on a Loose Leash

By Essential IT

Piro, is a highly excitable Bernese Mountain Dog.  His owner Kelly Wier hopes to be able to show him in the conformation ring one day but knows that is impossible unless Piro learns to calm down and walk nicely on a leash. Piro’s everyday behavior is to run around with over the top excitement, bounce up and down and  jump on people.

Until this day, Kelly has not been able to walk Piro on a leash.   Kelly had tried using food treats to motivate Piro into being a good dog.  However, he is so obsessed with food that it made his excitement level go through the roof. So instead of food treats, Piro was trained with calm praise and the remote collar dog training system.  This day is a new day for Piro and perhaps the start of his show career.  New adventures are now possible!


In the above video, Kelly states:  “My name is Kelly Wier and this is Piro, he’s a 10 month old Bernese Mountain Dog.  We were having a major issue with his excitable behavior.  He would not walk on a leash.  He jumps, he barks, he bounces.  So we felt we needed to contact Michael (Burkey) and we were recommended an electronic collar and with proper use it has been a wonderful tool to use with him.  In 20 minutes, he walks well on a leash, he sits, he’s not bouncing and barking, he’s not jumping around anymore.  He’s doing very well within the first 20 minutes of his session.”


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