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Maya, Transforms from a Cheetah to a Calmer German Shepherd Dog

By Essential IT

German Shepherd Dog, Michigan Dog Trainer

Maya, recently transformed herself from being a wild Cheetah to a Calmer German Shepherd Dog.  I say this because prior to her board and train program not only could the family not walk her but this trainer had difficulty as well.  On a regular leash, she pulled so hard and low to the ground it was difficult to hang onto her leash without doing a face plant into the ground.  And, with her on a long line, she ran non-stop circles around you as if she was a wild Cheetah.  She has more energy than what should be allowed for several dogs combined.

But with patience and expert training, Maya made great improvement in the MichiganGerman Shepherd Dog, Michigan Dog Trainer Dog Trainer board and train program.  As part of her training, she visited many beautiful parks and forests she had never seen before due to her over -engerized behavior.

She can now be walked by her family members who will continue providing her with new adventures to stimulate her mind and body. Dominque, her owner commented upon Maya’s return home, “this is the first time we have been able to walk her!”  

Take a look at Maya’s improvement via the video below.



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