Michigan Dog Training

1031 Cherry Street

Plymouth, Michigan 48170


Next Tracking class starts Spring 2013, $180 for the 4 week class.

Whether your goal is to obtain an American Kennel Club (AKC) tracking title, Schutzhund title, Search and Rescue (SAR) dog certification, or just to have fun with your dog; Michael will help you achieve your goals.

Classes will be held in the large open field at P.D. GRAHAM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 1230 S. John Hix Street, Westland, Michigan 48186.

Please bring your dog hungry with lots of small desirable treats, and a six foot or longer leash/line.  Dogs will be tracked off from their regular flat non-corrective collar.  Suggested treats include Natural Balance sausage style shaped food rolls cut into small cubes or sliced hotdogs.

You will learn how to lay tracking trails that most effectively benefit your dog’s learning, how to develop weekly tracking plans, how to handle the tracking line and your dog during a track, how to determine if your dog is on the scent trail or not, how to teach your dog to point out (indicate) scent articles that belong to the track layer, and more.

Or if you prefer, Michael can train your dog to track for you via his K9 Camp program.

Register for the tracking class and get your dog started tracking on the right paw.

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