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Webber promoted to Program Coordinator at MDT

Michael Webber, Dog Trainer, Michigan Dog Training
Michael Webber, CDT

On December 11, 2014 Michael Webber a Certified Dog Trainer at Michigan Dog Training (MDT) in Plymouth, Michigan was promoted to the position of “Program Coordinator for Companion Dogs.”

His new job summary includes:

  • Manage operations of dog training facility in the capacity of a Team Leader
  • Assists the CEO with the hiring and performance evaluation of trainers
  • Assists the CEO in the planning and execution of companion dog training programs
  • Trains other dog trainers
  • Oversees the training and health care (food, exercise, emotional well-being, medication delivery and play sessions) of dogs
  • Oversees the cleaning and disinfection of dog kennels, sleeping areas, training rooms and outside areas
  • Trains clients via private instructions and/or group classes and
  • Trains dogs to perform certain tasks

Michael has awesome leadership skills and work ethic.  MDT is fortunate to have Michael Webber aboard in his new position!


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