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Thumbs Up for the Front Seat Net Pet Barrier

By Essential IT

Front Seat Net Pet Barrier

The safest way for a dog to travel in a vehicle is inside a pet crate.  However, it is difficult if not impossible to place a medium or large size crate in the back seat of a car. So how does one keep their dog from accessing the front seat area?  The answer is the Front Seat Net Pet Barrier by Solvit Products.

I purchased mine at a local pet store for $48.99. However, I just performed a google search and found it advertised for cheaper at: Bed, Bath and Beyond $29.99, Amazon $29.99, and Bargains and Buyouts $14.99 (I’m not familiar with this company).  Note to self, google products before purchasing them at a pet store.

The manufacturer highlights the benefits as:

  • High-strength Micro-Mesh netting is easy to see through and guaranteed claw proof
  • Unique, wire-frame design prevents sagging
  • Fits all vehicles with front headrests
  • Installs/uninstalls easily
All the above is true.  The only drawback is that a dog left unattended in the vehicle can move the edge of the fabric to the side to gain access to the front seat.  While this is possible, it is unlikely to occur.  Of all the dogs I’ve transported in my vehicle with the Net Pet Barrier installed, only one dog thus far figured out how to do this.  All the other dogs calmly waited in the back seat for my prompt return.  In summary, the Front Seat Net Pet Barrier gets a thumbs up from this professional dog trainer.


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