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Testimonial – “You were amazing….”

On August 5, 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kelly McQueen, her son and her fiancé Bob in W. Bloomfield, Michigan. The purpose of the meeting was to show them how to introduce their two dogs to each other as they prepare for their wedding and living together. Reportedly, during an earlier encounter, Kelly’s dog Kiko was too rough with Brian’s dog Finn as well as with other dogs. Additionally, Finn becomes overly excited which can cause other dogs to become reactive.

We took a very systematic and safe approach to introducing the two dogs to each other and discussed signs of stress that may show if/when they need to be separated. At first, Kiko didn’t want to interact with Finn but half way through the session he started enticing Finn to chase him. Both dogs did many play bows toward each other and had a great time. It was also fun for the family and myself to watch them play together.

On August 6, 2012, Kellie sent the below public message to us about yesterday’s visit.

    “You were amazing yesterday in helping us bring Finn and Kiko together. We are very    excited for the next session next week! After 4 hours, we ended the playdate and Kiko didn’t move the rest of the day or night-couldn’t even lift his eyelids! 🙂 Thank you Mike!” ….Kellie McQueen
Its stories like this that make what we do at Michigan Dog Trainer  so very rewarding. In the next few sessions, we will work on exercises that focus on Finn learning to be calmer and more obedient as well as the two of them learning new skills that promote cooperation with each other.


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