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Testimonial – We had the most peaceful walk

By Essential IT

Kalin, a former Dog Shelter Director had trained her dog, Oakley, a Standard Poodle, using positive reinforcement methods.  However, it was still difficult to walk her on a loose leash especially around other dogs.  Oakley commonly pulls hard toward the other dogs in anticipation of playing with them.  And, now Kalin is pregnant with her second child.  Her goal is to be able to calmly walk Oakley by her side as she pushes a baby stroller. Therefore, she recently asked the Michigan Dog Trainer to help her train her dog using a remote training collar.

This was the email we received from Kalin this evening:

“Great news-we had the MOST PEACEFUL walk in the park this evening.  Other dogs around and Oaks had no reaction at all – she was at my side like glue.  You’re an awesome trainer! Thanks! ….Kalin”


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