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Testimonial – German Shepherd allows guests in house

By Essential IT

German Shepherd allows friends in house
Raven allows friends in the house now.

On March 31, 2013 the Michigan Dog Trainer received a wonderful update via a facebook post from Mandy Wagner about her dog Raven, a German Shepherd Dog. We recently worked together via in home dog training sessions.

Raven was so fearful that she would bark aggressively toward strangers and even close friends who entered her house. Mandy learned how to desensitize Raven to the sight of guests so she wouldn’t be so afraid, counter condition her to pay more attention to her and increased her obedience so she would have more control of Raven’s behavior.

Raven is very lucky to have Mandy in her life.  With lots of commitment, love, and patience shown by Mandy; Raven is much better able to coexist with home guests.  Here’s a copy of her update:

“Michael Burkey, I just want to say thank you for all the help with Raven. Finely after all this time Raven now coexists with our guests!” ….Mandy Wagner


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