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Testimonial from professional dog trainer Bob Andres

By Essential IT

“Today, I had the pleasure of attending Michael Burkey’s introductory dog training class for “Remote Manners.”  Michael’s skills as a canine instructor and communicator were evident in every aspect of his presentation.

Michael presented Remote Training as it was meant to be presented.  He spoke with great calm and a sense of knowledge only capable of being conveyed by a professional with a deep and solid understanding of their subject.  Michael dispelled any and all myths surrounding Remote Training while introducing his clients to the technology.  Michael provided all a first-hand opportunity to experience the exact signaling their dogs would experience by having them fit the technology to themselves and set the appropriate training levels.  The clients were happy.  The dogs were calm, relaxed and enjoying themselves.  It was a great educational afternoon.

For more information on “Remote Training”, you should visit Michael’s Facebook page, the Michigan Dog Trainer.”

Bob Andres, Owner/Dog Behavior Consultant/Trainer,


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