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Product Review – Walky Dog, Bike Attachment

By Essential IT

Awh, Spring will be here soon.  And, the desire to get our dogs out and exercise them has been rekindled.  If you’re not a runner, walking may not be an intensive enough exercise for your high energized dog.  If so, consider biking with your dog and to do it safely, I highly recommend the Walky Dog bike attachment.

Walky Dog bike attachment
Walky Dog bike attachment

It’s a metal staff with an internal short leash on a spring that attaches to your bike via a quick release attachment much like a quick release fixture on your garden hose.  You can simply walk your dog on the metal staff to your bike (no need to take an extra dog leash with you), easily snap the staff into the brocket that is attached to your bike, encourage your dog to walk with you as you push your bike for about 30 seconds and then hop on your bike and start pedaling.  Your dog will joyfully jog beside you and it can be used with small and large size dogs alike.

The staff prevents your dog from being able to run in front of or behind your bike and it allows you to bike without holding a dog leash which is a recipe for disaster.  If your dog tries to give chase to something such as a bunny rabbit, you can easily brake and bring your bike to a stop without being pulled over.

Dogs normally adjust to the Walky Dog immediately.  However, if you need help training your dog to ride with you, bring your bike and dog with you to the Outdoor Adventure dog training classes.  I’d be happy to help you before or after class.

With the Walky Dog, I recommend that you have your dog wear a normal walking body harness (leash attaches on top of the dog’s back) to attach the clasp to rather than attaching the leash to your dog’s neck collar. This will take the stress off from your dog’s neck and make the run for him/her more comfortable.  It is not recommend that the Easy Walk Harness (body harness but the leash attaches at the chest) be used in conjunction with the Walky Dog because that harness is made for the purpose of teaching your dog not to pull on a leash.  It also is not recommended for dogs who are running as it may cause abrasions under the dog’s legs.

Normally, the Walky Dog is sold for approximately $38-$40 but I found it listed for approximately $30.00 on  That’s a very affordable price to be able to provide quality exercise for your dog and deepen your relationship with your dog.


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