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Oh Those Dreaded Dog Baths

By Essential IT

Dog BathSpring time brings spring showers.  And, with that comes dogs who love to frolic in mud holes.  So how do you rectify a dirty dog? – with a bath of course.  Oh but you say your dog doesn’t like baths.  No time like the present to desensitize and condition your dog to cope with bath time.

To do this, do a little dog training at home by familiarizing your dog with the bath tub.  Feed your dog his/her meal while standing in the tub (with no water running).  It’s an odd place for a dog to sit and stand.  So get your dog accustomed to this strange surrounding before turning the water on.

Once your dog is comfortable eating his/her meal in the tub then start to hand feed your dog while he/she is in the tub and turn the water on slowly around his/her feet.  With repeated positive exposures, gradually apply the water higher up on your dog’s legs and later on his/her body while he/she receives tasty treats.

It is important to do this gradual association so that puppies and dogs come to view bath time as a pleasant experience.  And, if you choose to have a dog groomer at a Pet Salon wash your dog for you, your dog and groomer will thank you for having positively conditioned your dog to bath times.


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