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Michigan Dog Training provides a new dog kitchen

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Michigan Dog Training dog kitchen
MDT’s Dog Kitchen


Michigan Dog Training (MDT) in Plymouth, Michigan is committed to anticipatory service.  This is done by anticipating the needs of our customers. We strive to recognize and respond to the needs of customers before they are expressed.

Recently, we modified the use of  a room at our facility. It is now a Dog Kitchen (dog food prep area) complete with a brand new large refrigerator and deep freezer. Many people are recognizing the health benefits of placing their dogs on a raw diet.  However, a down side of this practice is the ability to keep food frozen and later thawed before serving.

This can be a problematic issue at some dog training facilities.  However, not at MDT. We have anticipated this need and now have the ability to properly store raw food for dogs  who are participating in our K9 Camp and Home Away from Home programs.

Additionally, the large refrigerator can be used to teach dogs to open the fridge as a service dog skill or as a part of our Wonder Dog Tricks class. And, we’re sure staff and seminar attendees will enjoy using it as well to keep their lunches cool.





Michigan Dog Training dog kitchenMichigan dog training, dog food kitchen


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