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Kaboom earns BH obedience title

On October 31, 2015 KABOOM Du Loups Du Soleil and Michael Burkey of Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan earned their BH obedience title in IPO. The trial was held at Capital Area Schutzhund Club in Charlotte, Michigan where they are a member. Their coach is Gustavo Sanchez.

The BH or Begleithunde is the preliminary and prerequisite test for a dog going on to get his/her IPO titles. IPO (formerly known as Schutzhund) stands for International Prüfungsordnung (International working tests). The BH is an obedience and temperament evaluation of the dog. There are two components of the BH. The first is the obedience portion performed on and off leash as shown in the video. The obedience routine includes the following:

  1. Heel on lead (showing left & right turns, about turns, automatic sits, and heeling amongst a group of people)
  2. Heel off lead (showing left & right turns, about turns, automatic sits, and heeling amongst a group of people)
  3. Sit stay
  4. Down stay
  5. Come when called and return to heel position
  6. Long Down while another dog team performs on the field

If the team earns enough points, they proceed onto the temperament portion of the BH which includes the following:

  1. Presentation of the dog to the judge of a tattoo or microchip for identification
  2. Having the dog surrounded by a crowd of people while the owner steps outside of the group and then returns to pick up the dog
  3. All of the dogs heeling together in a line and back past each other
  4. While the dog is tethered to a tree and the owner is away, another dog team heels past the dog
  5. The dog is non reactive to a passing by jogger, biker, and vehicle.

A dog that passes the temperament evaluation is viewed by the Judge as a dog that is:

Michigan Dog Training, Michael Burkey, Kaboom du Loups du Soleil
Kaboom Du Loups Du Soleil, BH
  • self-confident
  • quiet, secure and attentive
  • animated and attentive
  • impartial and good-natured
  • friendly and outgoing

Upon successfully completing both portions, obedience and temperament; the dog is awarded the title of BH. The dog is now eligible to compete in IPO competitions which tests the dogs in tracking, obedience and protection work.



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