Using an electronic collar as part of a comprehensive training system provides you with the most advanced training that is quick, reliable and humane.  To learn more, check out the below links:

Dogtra E-Collars

Michigan Dog Training only sells Dogtra E-Collars, the world’s finest electronic collar. We recommend the 200C, Combo and the 1900S. To purchase one contact us to schedule an appointment via board and train, in-home training, private training at MDT facility or an Advanced Obedience/E-Collar Excellence group class.

At MDT, we will show you how to use the E-Collar as a communication tool rather than as a punishment tool.  This way, your dog will learn not only “what not to” do but more importantly “what to do” resulting in new awesome adventures for you and your dog.

Dogtra, 200C, Dogtra 200C, E-Collar, Michigan Dog Training
Dogtra, Dogtra Combo, E-Collar, Michigan Dog Training
Dogtra, 1900s, Michigan Dog Training

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