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Difference in Rescue Dog’s Behavior was Like Night and Day

By Essential IT

“My dog, Keller, was a rescue dog, and terribly phobic when I got her at 8 months.  She gradually adapted to life with me, and was relatively well-trained in a few months.  But I could not get her to stop pulling when I took her for walks.  When it came time for me to move out of my house and into an apartment where I would have to walk her instead of just letting her out the back door; I realized I’d better get her to stop pulling.  I was worried about having to take her out on a dark, icy winter morning and being pulled over by her.  Michael suggested the remote trainer, and when we began to use it, she responded like magic.  The difference in her behavior was like night and day.    I’m eternally grateful to Michael Burkey, and to the remote!”  ….Suzzane Antisdel


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