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Diabetic Alert Dog (puppy) in training learns “place”

Diabetic Alert Dog, Standard Poodle, MIchigan Dog Training
Michael & Kalin with Radar and Lady

“Radar”, a Standard Poodle puppy 13 weeks old is one of two puppies being trained to become a Diabetic Alert Dog at Michigan Dog Training.  The other puppy is his sister, “Lady”. Along with being trained to alert on changes of a Type 1 Diabetic’s sugar level, they have to learn good manners and obedience to be able to work in public areas.  Here is an example of Radar learning to go to “place” and remain there until released despite distraction of the handler walking around him on the place-board. Radar and Lady will be ready for their new homes in the fall helping Diabetics better manage their conditions.

This is also an excellent exercise for pet dogs to learn as they can be sent to place when guests arrive at the front door so they don’t jump on them.  It also comes in handy when you’re eating a meal or visiting with guests so they have a comfortable place to go to and relax.  Having a well trained “place” makes living with a dog a breeze.  To learn how your dog can learn to go to place, contact Amy, Client Support Specialist at Michigan Dog Training 734-634-4152 or email her at [email protected].


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