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Trick Dogs

Do More With Your Dog, Kyra Sundance
Trick Dogs
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6 New Trick Dogs

On February 6, 2017  six dog teams earned their Novice Trick Dog Title as part of Kyra Sundance’s “Do More With Your Dog!” program at

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Teach your dog to Stand

Teaching a dog to “Stand” is a helpful command when placing a vest on your dog, trimming your dog’s nails or when your dog needs

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Trick Dog and AKC Titles

On November 1, 2016 several dogs and their owners earned Puppy STAR Certificates, Novice Trick Dog (NTD) Titles via Do More With Your Dog and

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Teach your dog to spin

In the below video, Michael Burkey teaches Hunter, a day school attendee at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan, to spin in a circle.  In a

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