Rosebud -SDIT earns Adv. CGC

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On February 25, 2017, Rosebud a Golden Retriever and her handler Laura-Jean Siggens of Ann Arbor, Michigan earned the American Kennel Club Advanced Canine Good Citizen title at Michigan Dog Training (MDT) in Plymouth, Michigan.

Rosebud is is participating in MDT’s Train Your Own Service Dog (TYOSD) program as a Mobility Service Dog. The TYOSD consists of 24 private and group class lessons and prepares dogs to become a Service Dog. Congratulations to Rosebud and Laura-Jean!

Dash a SDIT earns Urban CGC

Michigan Dog Training, Urban CGC, Urban Canine Good Citizen, Service Dog in Training, Service Dog, Diabetic Alert Dog

On the cold wintery day of January 25, 2017, Dash a Golden Doodle earned the American Kennel Club Urban Canine Good Citizen title. The testing was done by Michael Burkey of Michigan Dog Training in downtown Plymouth. Dash passed with flying colors heeling amongst distractions of people seeking warmth in the Panera Bread restaurant, disregarding walkers and joggers on city streets, sitting beforehand and calmly crossing city streets, loading and unloading from a vehicle under control, disregarding trash left on the sidewalk, transversing open back metal grated stairs and more.

Michigan Dog Training, Urban Canine Good Citizen, CGC, Urban CGC, Service Dog in Training, Service Dog, Diabetic Alert Dog, Michigan Dog Training

Down stay at a restaurant

Dash and her owner Shannon Inglis of Lake Orion, Michigan are participating in MDT’s Train Your Own Service Dog (TYOSD) Diabetic Alert Dog program which consists of 24 private and group lessons to gain public access obedience skills and to be able to alert when Shannon’s blood sugar goes low. They are doing an outstanding job and Dash has already alerted to Shannon’s lows in real world settings.

Congratulations Dash and Shannon!


Service Dog earns Canine Good Citizen

Service Dog, Diabetic Alert Dog, Michigan Dog Training, Plymouth, Michigan


On January 31, 2017, Piper Dashwood Kane and his owners Sheldon and Cheryl Kane of W. Bloomfield, Michigan earned their Canine Good Citizen title.

Piper also successfully completed the Train Your Own Service Dog training program to become a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD) at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan. The training was provided by Dog Behaviorist Michael Burkey and Assistant Dog Trainer Matthew Bryant.

Congratulations to Piper, Sheldon and Cheryl!

Michigan Dog Training, Diabetic Alert Dog, Service Dog, Canine Good Citizen


Dash earns CGCA title

Michigan Dog Training, Service Dog, Diabetic Alert Dog, CGCA , Advanced Canine Good Citizen, Plymouth, MichiganOn November 26, 2016, Dasher Inglis (Dash) a Golden Doodle and Service Dog – Diabetic Alert Dog in training earned her Advanced Canine Good Citizen title at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan. Congrats to Dash and her parents!

Dash and her parents are participating in MDT’s Train Your Own Service Dog program and is doing extremely well.  She has already alerted on her mom’s low blood sugar level in real life applications. As part of that training, Dash has also learned to retrieve her mom’s emergency kit should she need to self medicate.

DAD alerts on owner’s low blood sugar

Dash, a Golden Doodle is being trained at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan as a Service Dog – Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD) through our Train Your Own Service Dog program. Dash’s training started with her associating the scent of her mom’s low blood sugar, collected on a cotton swab resulted in tasty food treats.

Then we taught her to alert on the sample in Shannon’s hand and later with a normal sample as a distraction so she would have to differeniate between the two samples. In this video, Dash is learning to find the sample hidden closer to Shannon’s mouth as that is where the largest concentration of scent will come from during an actual low blood sugar incident.

In the past, Dash had been reluctant to jump up on her mom as she was a well mannered dog. So we reassured her it was ok to do so when she smelled the low blood sugar sample. Then we also raised the expectation that she needed to paw at the sample.

This pawing alert will help Shannon realize her blood sugar has dropped as many diabetics don’t realize when their sugar level is dropping until it’s too late. To Dash’s credit, she recently alerted on Shannon on two occasions that her sugar level dropped in real life applications. Additionally, Dash went and retrieved a granola bar so Shannon could eat it and raise her sugar level back to normal.  Great job Dash and Shannon!

Dash – Service Dog in Training learns to “Fetch”

Dash, a Labradoodle is in training to become a Service Dog (Diabetic Alert Dog) at Michigan Dog Training (MDT) in Plymouth, Michigan. She and her owners have been participating in MDT’s TRAIN YOUR OWN SERVICE DOG program which is a combination of private training sessions and group classes. Sessions focus on alerting to a Diabetic’s low and high blood sugar levels, advanced obedience skills including learning to retrieve (fetch) and public access training.

A dog trained to alert on their handler’s change in glucose level is an important part of their medical management program. Often times, Diabetics do not realize they are beginning to crash. The dog trained to notice the change in their handler’s breath can help alert them to this potential medical emergency.

If the handler is unable to obtain snacks or medicine to raise their blood level, the Diabetic Alert Dog can retrieve a bag or purse containing the snacks or medicine. In the below video, Dash demonstrates the steps in training a dog to fetch:  1. Hold, 2. Carry, and 3. Fetch.

Teach your dog to Stand

Teaching a dog to “Stand” is a helpful command when placing a vest on your dog, trimming your dog’s nails or when your dog needs to visit the dog groomer or examined by a veterinarian. To start, train your dog to go to “place”.  When the dog understands to sit on a place board, it makes teaching the “Stand” easier as the dog will learn to pop it’s hips up into a stand position instead of stepping forward. Being on “place” prevents the dog from stepping forward. In short, it is a fancier way to teach the dog to stand as well as more clear understanding to the dog.

Once the dog understands “place”, there are two ways to teach the stand.  One way is to shape the new behavior by waiting for your  dog to stand and then click and treat or using a verbal marker word such as “good” and treat.  Then cue the sit and wait for the dog again to stand and click and treat as before.  After enough repetition, your dog will learn that standing results in rewards and will repeat the stand more frequently. Just as your dog starts to stand, name it by saying “stand” and then click and treat as before. Later, cue the stand before the dog starts to stand and mark/reward as before.

A second way to train the stand is by luring.  With your dog in a sit position, lure your dog to reach forward for a treat.  Since he understands not to step off the place board, he will stand by popping his hips upward to reach further for the treat.  Click and reward as mentioned above and later cue it with the word “stand”.

Once your dog understands the word “stand” proof the behavior away from the place board with your dog sitting on the floor. The finished skill can then be proofed in the environments that you want your dog to perform the stand command.  In the below video, Kelsey uses the lure method to teach Winnie, a Service Dog in Training, to stand during a dog training class at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan.

GoldenDoodle Service Dog in Training earns CGC

On July 20, 2016 Shannon Inglis and her dog Dasher Inglis, a 7 month old Goldendoodle from Lake Orion, Michigan earned their Canine Good Citizen title at Michigan Dog Training (MDT) in Plymouth, Michigan. They are participating in private training sessions with Michael Burkey, CEO and Dog Behaviorist at MDT to be a service dog team. Dash is already well accomplished on his Diabetic Alert Dog alerts and public access obedience. Congrats Shannon and Dash!

Future Service Dog becomes a S.T.A.R. Puppy

Saoirse, Michigan Dog Training, Michael Burkey, Diabetic Alert Dog, Service Dog, Puppy S.T.A.R., puppy obedience, puppy training, plymouth, MIOn February 28, 2016, Fleetwood Farms Thee “Saoirse” JedIrish, an Irish Setter puppy and a future Service Dog for Diabetic Alert Detection passed her American Kennel Club (AKC) Puppy S.T.A.R. Evaluation with flying colors. Saoirse is trained and handled by Johanna Anderson of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Saoirse and Johanna are participating in private dog training lessons to become a Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD) team at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan with its CEO and Dog Behaviorist Michael Burkey. Saoirse will be ready to test for her Canine Good Citizen title at her next training session and Johanna has set her sights on also obtaining the Advanced Canine Good Citizen and Urban Canine Good Citizen titles.

While only 8 months old, Saoirse has already alerted Johanna to her sugar levels dropping too low on many occasions. A DAD is an important part of a Diabetic’s medical management program. When a Diabetic’s blood sugar falls they often times don’t feel the oncoming symptoms until its too late thus requiring hospitalization.  A dog trained to detect the change in blood sugar is an early warning system, reminding their human partner to test their sugar level and take appropriate medical intervention.

The below video clip shows part of Saoirse’s training exercises to alert on a blood sugar scent sample that was collected previously when Johanna’s blood sugar level was below 70. Contact Michigan Dog Training if you are a Diabetic 1 and want to train your dog to be a Service Dog / Diabetic Alert Dog.



January 2015 Dog Training Classes

basic dog training class, Michigan Dog Training

Basic Group Class

Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan has posted its January and February 2015 dog training classes.  They include the popular: Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 Manners (socialization, raising a puppy and obedience), Basic Manners, Intermediate Manners/Canine Good Citizen, Advanced Obedience/Focused Heeling, Nosework, Training Your Own Service Dog, Circus Trick Dog and Feisty Fido (for dogs who don’t get along with other dogs). We’ve also added a new exciting class called Protection Sport Dog. Sign up now, don’t delay as classes fill up quickly.