Sully a Rottweiler earns CGCA Title


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Sully, CGCA

On November 25, 2017, Sully a five month old Rottweiler puppy earned the American Kennel Club Advanced Canine Good Citizen title at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan.

Sully’s handler is Spencer Schiftar of Plymouth, Michigan. They prepared for this accomplishment by completing 8 private dog training lessons with Michael Burkey.

This is a huge accomplishment especially for a five month old puppy!  Congratulations Spencer and Sully.

Should I have my dog professionally trained or do it myself?

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This ia a question, we are often asked at Michigan Dog Training. So I wanted to take a moment to answer it becuase that’s what we do, answer your questions and provide dog training and behavior solutions.

Michigan Dog Training, Mastiff, Day TrainingWe offer several different training programs to fit a wide variety of training needs and budgets.  If you don’t have the time or patience to train your dog, then Day Training or Board and Train is an excellent choice. Professional trainers do the leg work of training your dog. Then you only have to be trained on how to keep your dog’s new skills sharp. We accomplish this  by providing you with a training session upon completion of either dog training programs (day training also includes a mid-way semi private training session). Pups and dogs who are shy but not aggressive, will  benefit from the socialization that trainers can more easily provide.

If you do have the time and patience to train your dog, then I recommend signing up for our Private Lessons or Group Classes. Young puppies do best by attending group classes to gain the socialization they desperately need before sixteen weeks of age. Otherwise, they may grow up developing fear issues around other dogs, people and their environment. In addition to general obedience classes, we also offer specialized group classes such as Nose Work (fun scent detection), Intermediate and Advanced Obedience, and E-Collar Excellence.

Obedience group classes are the most economical way to train your dog, but they don’t provide the one on one training experience Puppy STAR, Michigan Dog Training, Plymouth, Michiganfor you and your dog’s specific needs. Also, if your dog barks a lot during class, he or she cannot opitmally learn and they detract from other dogs’ learning as well. For dogs who have special needs such as fear or aggressive tendencies, private lessons are the best option.  This way, they reside with you at home but they and you receive one-on-one training with a behaviorist or expert trainer. It’s also a great choice for all other dogs because optimal learning comes by private instruction followed by group classes.

This is why we offer our Perfect Group Classes as an added bonus to students who have completed our private lessons, day training or board and train programs. The Perfect Practice group class is a great way to proof what you and your dog have learned  amongst distractions of other dogs and people.

I hope this helps you narrow down your actions. If you need additional help, please give us a call at 734-634-4152.  We’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Michelle Cogle promoted to Training Instructor

Michelle Cogle, Michigan Dog Training, Plymouth, Michigan, dog, training instructor


On September 19, 2017 Michelle Cogle was promoted from Dog Trainer to Training Instructor (TI) at Michigan Dog Training in Plymouth, Michigan.  She will still train dogs at MDT but has accepted additional responsibilities. The promotion is well deserved and is in recognition of her excellent dog training skills, demonstrated staff training skills, awesome customer service and perfect time and attendance.

Michigan Dog Training hired Michelle as an Assistant Dog Trainer on April 25, 2017.  She relocated from West Virginia where she had trained service dogs. On July 11, 2017 she was promoted to the position of Dog Trainer after successfully passing MDT’s comprehensive written and practical exams. On September 12, 2017 she was awarded the MDT August 2017 Employee of the Month Award.

Her new position as a Training Instructor is a mid-management position and includes but not limited to training MDT Staff, being a shift leader, and teaching group classes and private lessons.  Congratulations Michelle!

Eddie, Pitt mix saves the day! Dog training tips before/after your dog goes missing

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Eddie, Hero Dog

Today, while working at my computer, I noticed a grey truck come in and out of our parking lot and go up and down the street.  It was quite odd since I didn’t have any appointments scheduled for that time.  Shortly later, I saw a Boxer run down the street past my business.

Now it all made sense. The person was trying to locate their missing dog. As I stepped outside my business, the dog came running to me but it wouldn’t come up the last 20 feet to me before darting off behind a house across the street.  Upon the owner’s next trip around the block, I pointed her in his last known direction.  She parked her car and went behind the house looking for him while I went back inside to retrieve treats and a leash as she had neither.

While I was retrieving those items, Eddie a Pitt mix (who has received training at Michigan Dog Training LLC and is now a frequent boarder when his parents go on vacation) went to the front glass door and sat there peering out.  When I came back to the door, Eddie had seemingly called the Boxer over to play with him. The Boxer was at the front door trying to sniff Eddie through the glass  They were both enjoying their interaction and this allowed the owner to grab a hold of her dog’s collar. So Eddie was the hero of the day!

Afterwards, I gave Eddie a finder’s reward of tasty treats.  And, then he did want any tired hero would do, take a much needed nap.

Here are some before and after tips in case your dog gets loose and goes missing:

1. Have your dog micro-chipped at your local veterinarian office

2. Have your name and phone number on your dog’s collar tag

3. Store an extra leash and food treats in a zip lock bag to keep in your vehicle.  This way if you head out the door and jump in your vehicle to retrieve your dog, you won’t have to think about what to take with you

4. If possible and safe to do, elicit the help of a friendly dog to entice the roaming dog to come closer to play

5. Don’t chase after your dog, instead get your dog’s attention and run away from him/her to entice your dog to chase you

6. As your dog begins to chase you fall down to the ground and act as silly as you can so your dog will know you want to play

7. And, obviously take your dog to Michigan Dog Training LLC in Plymouth, Michigan for private dog training lessons or group dog training classes.  Classes start soon, call 734-634-4152 to register.


Pitt mix, Pitt Bull, Michigan Dog Training

Taking a Hero nap

Pitt mix, Pitt Bull, Michigan Dog Training

Rewarded with Hero Treats